This Dress Shows Off Some Serious Skin

Okay, Miss Jenner! I get it, you're a real live adult making some seriously daring fashion choices. Kendall Jenner's white gown for the Much Music Video Awards featured not one, but two slits that went basically all the way up to her bellybutton. Not even exaggerating.

Following in the footsteps of big sister Kim Kardashian — who went basically topless to Bonnaroo on Saturday — Jenner stunned on the red carpet Sunday night in a floor length, cream, embellished dress. She posted the picture below with the caption, "Why do one slit when you can do TWO?! #MMVAs" Why indeed, Jenner? And honestly, though the slits are certainly eye catching, the most surprising thing to me about the gown is its long sleeves. Really? I mean, I guess it's a bit chillier in Toronto, but this is the summertime. On stage under all those lights has got to get a little sweaty.

It's really no surprise Jenner, who hosted the MMVAs alongside her sister Kylie (of course), chose to make such a fashion statement on the carpet. She's been begging us all to take her seriously with her nude photo shoots and backstage at Fashion Week photos. And I'm totally buying it. The girl has major style chops, and I'm fully banking on her becoming the most legit of the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Check out the photo below, and get ready for some intense leg envy. Move over, Angelina. Oh, and please tweet me your theories for what the underwear situation is here. Going commando at an awards show seems outrageously risky.

Image: @kendalljenner/Instagram