Hilarious Meme Perfectly Depicts Who Kanye West Loves Most in the World — PHOTO

Kanye West loves Kim Kardashian. He loves her so much that he had an enormous wedding with her. But you know who Kanye West loves more than Kim? Kanye. In fact, you could even call it a romantic relationship with himself. It's so romantic, it inspired the picture below, which illustrates Kanye's love for himself. It's the greatest (solo) love story ever told! Kim just happens to be in the painting.

Aww, poor Kim. Now, needless to say, this isn't to take away from Kanye's adoration of the now Mrs. West. You saw the engagement ring, and you saw pictures from their nuptials. That's a lot of money — er, love — to shell out for a lady. But if you can recall, he also released a new song on the day of their wedding as gift to himself, which surprised no one.

But, Kim has a fair enough amount of egotism to keep herself on equal footing with her self-congratulating husband; she's got a Kim Kardashian game in the works, for crying out loud. It's unlikely that Kanye's love for himself will totally deter Kim, however, it is enough to make us want to giggle at it. All of it.

And what better way to laugh at it than by fusing together a classic power ballad by Whitney Houston and Titanic? It's like, everything romantic that ever existed, off-set by one single detail.

But for Kanye, this is probably romance at its finest and most honest.

Hopefully that's not what he sings at karaoke.

Image: Imgur