Wendy Williams Refuses to Discuss Justin Bieber & Who Can Blame Her? — VIDEO

The list of celebrities publicly announcing their disdain for Justin Bieber lengthens by the day. Reportedly, Leonardo DiCaprio has a Bieber allergy, and Chelsea Handler recently cited the Biebs' antics as one of the reasons she won't return to her gig at the E! channel. Now, another talk show host is completely done discussing any headlines bearing Bieber's name. During Monday's Hop Topics segment on The Wendy Williams Show, the no-holds-barred host declared her show a no-Justin Bieber zone for the remainder of the current season, essentially starting a Bieber strike through Sept. 15. Not exactly sad news, but surely this brings Williams and her viewers great relief, even if it is only temporary.

It's not shocking to hear Williams say she's completely and utterly done with Bieber acting like an ass just because he thinks it's cute. But it does speak volumes about how annoying he is when people who earn ungodly amounts of money to discuss him flat-out refuse to do so. Even though he certainly earned the right to be ignored, banned, and boycotted, it's become somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to bitch and complain about him, or type out an article that's the written equivalent of an eye roll and a deep sigh of exasperation. That said, Williams just might be tempted to give in to her Bieber hiatus by whatever dumb stunt he's bound to pull next.

Meanwhile, can we blame Wendy for being completely over Bieber? Not one bit. Besides, another gratingly obnoxious celeb will soon come along and do something more irritating than comparing himself to James Dean, or offering sucky public apologies and we'll be on to the next, that is until Bieber decides he can do better, or worse.

Watch Williams announce her ban of all things Bieber below, beginning at the 16-minute mark: