8 Things You Never Knew About Cara Maria

by Rachel Semigran

It's no secret that everyone, including fellow competitors (except for Laurel, of course) is rooting for Cara Maria to take home the grand prize on this season of The Challenge: Free Agents. Throughout her career on the MTV reality series, Cara Maria has been the person most viewers and competitors have loved to hate, often for reasons unknown... or bullying. Scratch that, it was usually bullying. However, this time around, Cara Maria is the gal everyone is expecting to win and we're all pretty pleased about that.

Why the shift? In simplest terms, she's proven more in this season than any other that hard work will get you far, and having heart with get your even farther. Time and time again, she's been thrown into the elimination rounds either by voting or by the luck of the draw — and time and time again, she's come back more determined and headstrong. Sure, she's had her share of emotional moments, but she's no longer the "Attention Queen" or "complainer" her fellow competitors once pegged her as. Now, Cara Maria is the force to be reckoned with and she's got the support of her fellow vet/once most-hated Challenge star CT.

Could you imagine if Theresa walked home with the title? Or worse LAUREL. The horror! With her big face-off with Laurel coming up this Thursday, broken hand and all, we've wanted to give a shout to our favorite Challenger. Here's what we love about our Cara Maria:

She has an Etsy shop!

In which you can buy original artwork by her and her ex/BFF Abram.

She's a talented artist and designer.

This was also co-designed by Abram. You twoooo! It's also vegan and sells for $159.

She drives stick.

She's a total prankster.

The whole confessional reads, "Bad Girl Confessional time: This one time...I went out and bought ex-lax "chocolate chips".... delicately placed them all over the frosting of a certain delicious chocolate cake..... and took away the toilet paper. He deserved it."

She has a better sense of humor than The Challenge editors let on.

She's an equestrian.

Great form.

She's got her own fragrance.

Fittingly called, "Vamp Venom."

She's a total smarty pants.

She also graduated with a psychology degree and a 3.8 GPA.

Go on with your bad self, Cara. We're rooting for you!

Images: MTV; misscaramaria/Etsy (3); misscaramaria/Instagram (3)