CT & Bananas Might Actually be Friends

I will be the first to admit that I unabashedly love MTV's reality brain candy The Challenge: Free Agents . It is everything you want in guilty pleasure viewing. And for as many seasons as I've loved watching rivalries rage, romances blossom, and ridiculous physical nightmares be completed, I still have a hard time rooting for most of the cast. There are a lot of terrible behavior and attitudes on The Challenge — name-calling, sexism, racism, homophobia — it's a veritable case study for what makes people turn from rational, kind humans into animalistic monsters. It can get pretty ugly, especially with so many alpha males thrown into a single, cramped space. Not only do they physically and verbally attack each other, they frequently bully the women.

However, The Challenge is orchestrated by some very savvy producers. They know that we all tune in for the drama. So they booze the cast up and pit them against each other in some seriously brutal ways. On-screen, it seems like the guys are always out for each other, ready to attack at any moment. And hey, that's television for ya. However, when you take a look at some of The Challenge's beefiest beef-starters, you just might find a different story. Here's a look at the Free Agents (who aren't Cohutta, because he is the actual nicest) whose Instagram accounts might make you hate them just a liiiiiittle less. Heck, these guys might even LIKE each other. Take a look.

The softer side of Bananas

With the caption, "Uncle Bananas the Babysitter! #fitmom #naptime#instababy #babylove #mylittleguy #JaxHealy"

A lot of safe touching going on here

From Zach's account with the caption, "Not the smartest foursome ever, our moms love us." AMEN.


I believe the phrase, "Can you even?" is appropriate here.

Evan, Bananas, and Kenny Go on Vacation Together

They even have an Instagram account for their bromance.

Zach REALLY loves his pup

And he writes, "Happy 5th bday to my best buddy in the entire world. He chose me, and then changed my life. God must've known I needed a therapy dog."

Isaac cradling his pal Mortimer

Bananas and CT Goofing off for 22 Jump Street

CT loving his haircut so much he had to pose with his Stylist

Aw, you guys.

And here's Isaac with Miley Cyrus just for good measure

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