Gisele Bundchen For Stuart Weitzman, Plus 9 Other Times She's Gone Topless In Fashion Ad Campaigns

When you're Gisele Bundchen, and your schedule already includes dealing with collaborations with brands like H&M and Pantene, casually selling your $50 million estate and you know, just being the hottest mom of all hot moms ever, it only makes sense that you're able to squeeze in another photo shoot or two, right? Well, actually, given her hectic schedule and the fact that I have to believe it takes some kind of time to look THAT flawless daily – it's kind of hard to believe that Bundchen has time for anything else. But, apparently she does. For her latest campaign, Bundchen is the new face of Stuart Weitzman, replacing fellow model Kate Moss. And she's totally topless in the first round of ads. It's a shoe campaign, after all, so why bother with silly superfluous clothing?

As the highest-earning supermodel in the world, as well as just an all-around celebrity, Bundchen is the face of so many brands that I've lost track at this point. And she's Gisele Bundchen. So does she even really need to wear clothes for these fashion campaigns? Of course not. Who said fashion was even about clothes to begin with? The high class style mecca that is Abercrombie and Fitch certainly doesn't think so. In honor of the always-stylish, frequently-naked Mrs. Tom Brady, here are 9 examples of times Bundchen has modeled clothes without wearing much of anything at all.

1. Stuart Weitzman, 2014

Stuart Weitzman

Of course, I'll start with Gisele's newest semi-nude ad campaign. It really says, "I know that I'm the world's sexiest supermodel, laying here with my hands casually draped across my bare breasts, but what I really want you to focus on is the shoes." Obviously.

2. Got Milk?, 2001

Milk Processor Education Program

In case you were siding with the "but how can milk even be sexual?" crowd, now you know.

3. London Fog, 2003

London Fog

"Just the trench coat. Nothing else." Creative.

4. Versace Jeans, 2012


But what purpose does the shirt really serve, if we're being honest with ourselves here? It looks hot there on the set of Gilligan's Island.

5. Ipanema Sandals, 2009


I thought this was an ad for trees until now, TBH.

6. Ipanema Sandals, 2007


Well, I guess technically she's wearing a dress in this one.

7. H&M, 2014


Just in case you haven't already seen the ad where Gisele sings (yes, sings) in a series of barely-there bathing suits, go watch it. It's confusing.

8. David Yurman, 2013

David Yurman

I have to admit, this shot is just really, really gorgeous.

9. Ebel Watches, 2008

Ebel Watches

Because what says classic timepieces better than a naked Gisele Bundchen.