9 Topless Miley Cyrus Moments We Won't Forget Anytime Soon

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When I saw Miley Cyrus's new topless selfie last weekend, I immediately thought, WERK MILEY. She looks amazing, what else do you want from me? Yes, it's censored, but Cyrus's pic still garnered attention. Because it's a topless pic. And that's what topless pics do.

Frankly, a woman going sans shirt, censored or uncensored, shouldn’t be controversial. Don't fear the boobie. Embrace the female form. Free that nipple. Free that nipple to the moon and back. Hell, if freed nips bothered me, I'd have to stop grocery shopping altogether. Lots of no bra/sheer tank top combos going on at my local Trader Joe's.

If Cyrus wants to flaunt her bits and pieces, it doesn't bother me. I have other things to worry about. For starters: I've convinced myself that I recently developed an allergy to eggs. Woof.

And though we may not be as shocked by Cyrus's toplessness as we were a year ago, that doesn't mean we should be "over it." Shit, I could see Rihanna's boobs one million times, and I'll never be "over" her CFDA dress or those photos in Lui. Cyrus and RiRi are sickening, tops or no tops. And I love that they're willing to take fashion risks and push boundaries on the regular. They most definitely do not fear the boobie. And it rules.

Here are a few things Cyrus has done sans shirt/sans bra that I am not "over." Because they are fabulous.

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