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Getting married can be stressful what with all the wedding planning and the whole committing yourself to another person for life thing. As someone who hates being the center of attention, what I’ve personally always found the most terrifying is the thought of walking down the aisle with all these people staring at me. Talk about pressure! That’s why I couldn’t help but think it was awesome when the four Fortney siblings of Utah (one brother and three sisters) decided to get married all on the same day, in a huge joint wedding this past weekend. Um…am I the only one who thinks that sounds super fun?!

Four of the six kids in the Fortney family tied the knot in a giant quadruple wedding party on Saturday. And you would think that the planning process for four people would have been a nightmare, especially given how some brothers and sisters fight on a regular basis. But these siblings seemed to have no problem figuring it out. As they told KSL, they basically just let each other pick out the things that mattered most to them, in order to ensure that everyone was happy. Wow! Clearly, there were no bride(or groom)zillas here.

"With most families, this would not work," one of the newlywed siblings, Grace Fortney Weaver said. "Thankfully I have wonderful, wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother."

Well, that’s definitely true — this type of thing wouldn’t work for a lot of families. I love my sister to death and count her as one of my best friends, but considering how much I wanted to throttle her at various points during my time as her maid of honor, I seriously doubt we could’ve planned a dual wedding together. Still, if your family is as mature as the Fortneys seem to be, then why not? That must have been one unforgettable party!

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