Chloe Sevigny Owns a Pope Francis T-Shirt, In Case She Wasn't Quirky Enough for You Already

Hipster icon and Portlandia guest-star Chloe Sevigny was recently interviewed by model Lily McMenamy on i-D's new YouTube series. The two fashionable ladies sat on a giant bed as if at a glamorous sleepover that I'm pretty mad I wasn't invited to and chatted about how cute and famous they are in a super endearing (really!) way. Chloe is dressed like her adorable self in a patterned scarf and white blouse, and Lily McMenamy rocks a platinum blonde Sia-esque wig and blue men's pajamas. See why I'm pissed that I wasn't invited?

One of those super endearing factors of the interview is Chloe Sevigny's apparent love of Pope Francis. About a minute into the video she drops this gem:

I was raised Catholic, and I go to mass. I’m really into Pope Francis right now. I just bought a t-shirt that says “I <3 Pope Francis, but instead of the heart it’s the Papal, the hat. It’s really cool.

How excited are you by the thought of Chloe Sevigny repping Pope Francis with a graphic tee? Just me, then? Whatever, I'll own it. Chloe Sevigny is the absolute coolest and Pope Francis is pretty stellar as far as popes go. Maybe Pope Francis will become a Chloe fan and start wearing a t-shirt of her wearing a t-shirt of him like a certain child actor/current heartthrob duo did earlier this year.

In other Chloe is adorable news, the actress also tells of breaking in to Jean Harlow's tomb in order to lay down a bouquet of gladiolas. Don't you wish you were that cool?

Check out the full interview below.

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