'Jurassic Park' Parody Features A Giant Puppy Instead of Dinosaurs — VIDEO

For some people on the Internet, it is the addition of kittens and cats that makes everything better. For us? We're more dog people. Particularly puppies and especially the wrinkly nuggets better known as bulldogs. Bulldogs are the best. As are dinosaurs (in particular the film Jurassic Park ). And this silly video of a bulldog superimposed into Jurassic Park and its epic first dino scene is everything good and hilariously stupid-delightful that we need on this Wednesday afternoon. Sorry, cats pretending to be velociraptors.

There's really not much more to say beyond that, but we've got to fill up 200 words before we publish so let's dissect it further. Bulldogs. Slo-mo. Shock, awe. Humans looking amazed. Jeff Goldblum looking amazed.

Look at the way the pooch jumps with such veracity, falling slowly back to earth in one sweeping, tree-snapping movement. Look at that face: what a lil puddin'! Oh my gosh he's just so cute, isn't he? This bulldog (who's apparently named Wally) is like those dogs that think they're people — only he thinks he's a prehistoric, terrifying beast. Which is adorable because he's a wrinkly little hunk of lovin' with a propensity for epic drooling. Don't you just love Wally? Don't you just want to take him home?

alienufosarereal on YouTube

Oh Internet, thank you for everything.

Image: Amblin Entertainment/Universal pictures