Katy Perry Launches Record Label & Proves She Has Ambitions Beyond Pop Stardom

Is Katy Perry on her way to becoming a music mogul? It certainly seems like it. On Tuesday, Perry announced the launch of her own record label, Metamorphosis Music. A joint venture with Capitol Records, Metamorphosis Music’s first signee is Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Ferras. Ferras met Perry when he signed to Capitol in 2007, and they’ve been friends ever since.

Also on Tuesday, Ferras released his new self-titled EP, which Perry executive produced. The five-track EP features a sweeping duet with Perry called, “Legends Never Die.” In a statement, Perry said:

Ferras is a man with a message and a unique, lyrical way of communicating his perspective on life that makes you feel connected to every note when you listen. … I believe he is going to be an important artist to watch unfold.

Ferras will be joining Perry on the upcoming North American dates of her Prismatic World Tour, starting on June 22. His song, “Hollywood’s Not America” was used as “exit music” on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008. Speaking about his experience working with Perry as an executive producer, Ferras said:

Her instincts are really on point. She is very blunt and doesn’t sugarcoat things, which I appreciate. Also, she gave me the freedom to do what I wanted musically and was a natural partner.
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Listening to songs like the empowering but totally “safe” smash hit, “Roar,” it’s easy to dismiss Perry as just another manufactured pop star. But the launch of Metamorphosis Music proves that Perry has ambitions beyond Top 40 radio domination. In a recent interview with Time Out London, Perry told those who doubt the trajectory of her still-young career, “Give it five more years and you’ll see the plan that I have in my head. It’s not all by chance, you know.”

Of course, Perry isn’t the first artist to start her own record label (Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil’ Wayne all have their own thriving labels, for instance), but she appears to be one of the few female artists who have done so. British singer Lily Allen launched her label, In the Name Of (ITNO), in 2011, but because its website is currently down for maintenance, it’s hard to tell if it’s still active. Rapper Nicki Minaj has mentioned her own Pink Friday Productions in songs in the past, but finding information about the label online has proven difficult. Will Perry become one of the first female artists to run her own successful record label?

Given that Perry has a great ear for what works (and what doesn't) in pop music, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what Metamorphosis Music has to offer.