Her New Ads Feature Nudity And Puppies

It's no secret in the fashion industry that Mulberry hasn't been doing so well. And by "hasn't been doing so well," what I really mean is that they're pretty much on the verge of disappearing. With profits down a whopping 50% in the last year alone, Mulberry needed a smart new approach to their newest ad campaign with Cara Delevingne. Their plan? Throw some puppies on everything. Well, puppies and owls. And then just a touch of nudity. Because all of that seems very cohesive. Foolproof, right?

The new ads advertise a bag that was created out of a partnership and close collaboration with none other than British "It" girl Cara Delevingne. They're convertible, and can make their way from a backpack to an over-the-shoulder carry-all. Delevingne describes it as "practical," which obviously translates directly into the ads, which are complete puppies, owls and her naked back. If that's not practicality, I don't know what is.


Well, it may not make a ton of sense (fashion ads and campaigns often don't), but we're certainly talking about it. So even if Mulberry's new line of lower-priced handbags (which, by the way, are still pretty darn expensive, starting at $860) doesn't do as well as the brand hopes, they're still putting themselves in the public eye. And any publicity is good publicity, right?


The Delevingne campaign also features a video of the top model talking about her experience with the brand. It's black and white, starring Delevingne and her super-chic British accent frolicking around London in a hip hat and talking about Mulberry in slightly abstract and whimsical terms. It's artsy, to say the least. The film also features a clip of Cara sewing her own Mulberry bag. And something tells me that just didn't happen.


Yes, the ads are a little bit ridiculous. But Mulberry is extravagant, classic luxury. And what is more luxurious than laying on a couch while a white owl casually perches on your finger? Nothing.