Matthew McConaughey Might Not Be In 'Magic Mike XXL' So Let's Just Cancel the Whole Thing

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hearing this news, you might as well take one "X" out of the title. Matthew McConaughey might not be in Magic Mike XXL , the very anticipated and very large (judging by its title, at least) sequel to the cult hit about male strippers. Does Channing Tatum know? The abs — I mean, auteur — behind this project has already started working on the script.

Here's what we know. Gabriel Iglesias, who WILL be involved, spoke to Dish Nation and said:

Word has it that Matt’s probably not gonna be involved, because he’s worth a lot of money now – that whole Oscar thing – so, but yeah, I’ve signed on for part two.

Now, last I checked, Oscars and money do NOT make you too good for a very important MOMENT IN CINEMA about male strippers. And never did a movie star say, "ughhh, I have too much money. SO MUCH IT HURTS." However, given that McConaughey does probably have a lot of projects lined up in his post-Oscar career, it's likely that Iglesias's words may very well be the truth. It's a sad day for male strippers everywhere. Let's burn our banana hammocks.

You can watch Iglesias's interview with Dish Nation below, and then below that, you can watch a very important commemorative GIF.

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