Could 'Enlisted' Get Another Tour of Duty?

Sigh... Enlisted, you underrated gem of a show. You just had to make us fall in love with your scrappy sense of humor and lovable cast of misfits, only to leave us in the lurch 13 all-too-short episodes later. When Fox cancelled Enlisted , its best freshman comedy, we felt like we'd been sucker punched. The network pulled the military comedy off the schedule after its ninth episode aired in late March. Thankfully, the powers that be deigned to at least let us see the rest of the season, and burned off the remaining four episodes on Sundays in June. The season — scratch that, series — finale airs this Sunday night.

But since Netflix revived FOX's cult favorite sitcom Arrested Development and Kickstarter raised funds for a film version of the CW's teen mystery Veronica Mars, fans of television's prematurely-axed shows are no longer content to simply watch their new favorites go gently into that good night. Now every time a freshman show is cancelled, one question immediately arises: will another network give it a chance? Sometimes this wishful thinking pays off. (See: ABC's Cougar Town, given second life on TBS.) And sometimes wishful thinking is all it is. (See: ABC's Happy Endings, which sadly disappeared forever after USA briefly flirted with acquiring it post-cancellation.) So, will Enlisted be resurrected from the television graveyard and be given a second season by another network, Netflix, or Hulu?

We're sad to report that the answer is no. Unlike the Community /Hulu rumors, there have been no rumblings of anyone reaching out to 20th Century Fox to acquire their channel-less comedy. The nail in the coffin? The cast of Enlisted has started moving on, getting cast in a variety of other projects that would prevent them from doing another season even if such a miracle were to occur.

There is, however, one tiny silver lining: Some of the cast is sticking together! Parker Young (who played doofy youngest brother Randy) and Keith David (who played the troop's intimidating Sergeant Major) were both recently cast in DirecTV's first original comedy. The show, titled Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight, is based on a play of the same name by Tony-winner Peter Ackerman. Young will appear as a college sophomore planning to prank the university's dean (David). Production is currently underway on the 10-episode first season.

And because one new show apparently isn't enough for young Parker Young, he's also going to be starring in another new comedy with another Enlisted cast mate: Young and Geoff Stults (who played gruff oldest brother Pete) are co-starring in CBS' comedy pilot Cuz-Bros . Stults is Nick, a ladies' man whose life is turned upside down when his cousin Barry (Young) comes to crash with him. Maybe Chris Lowell (middle brother Derrick) will guest star, and we'll get to see all the Hill brothers together again! Hey — a boy can dream, right?

Images: FOX