Kelly Osbourne Put Safety Pins In An Updo That's So Edgy It's Probably Dangerous

Kelly Osbourne never used to be the person I turned to for fashion inspiration, but that changed once she made me want to dye my hair violet and paint my lips to match. The former reality star has always loved experimenting with hair accessories. She recently posted some Instagram photos in which she rocks a braided up 'do adorned with safety pins and it RULES. Never before have I longed for hair that resembles a wig sold at Hot Topic, but alas that day has come.

Dear Kelly Osbourne, will you please teach me your ways? Show me how to wear safety pins in my hair without a) stabbing myself in the head, and b) looking like an audience member at a shadow cast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Take me under your wing and pass on your sage advice for making the "I'm the daughter of a member of Black Sabbath" look appear chic and not trashy. I would love to look like the chic-not-trashy daughter of a member of Black Sabbath.

I'm sure this hairstyle will get plenty of hate. People are just mad that they can't pull of safety pinned hair, but I say screw them! Kelly Osbourne looks awesome and doesn't have time for haterz (YES, I spelled it with a "z", I'm channeling my inner angsty punk rocker). Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bulk safety pin order to pick up from Staples.

Images: kellyosbourne/Instagram