Mindy Kaling Coded These Bracelets, Proved She Needs to Start Her Own Accessories Line

Well, looks like everyone's favorite reformed criminal/lovable Nurse Morgan doesn't need to tattoo his stomach anymore: He can just get one of Mindy's bracelet to remind him "No more stealing cars." Honestly, it's valid advice for anyone, be they former committers of grand theft auto or not. And everyone who needs to get in touch with their inner warrior and/or is a huge fan of Beyonce/Thai food will get a kick out of the green bangle, which reads "Beyonce Pad Thai." Finally, there's a royal blue bangle which reads simply, "Mindy" — and I think it's safe to say that there are tons of Mindians out there who would wear that name as a stamp of pride.

Unfortunately, these aren't samples from a real accessories collection. They're part of Mindy's personal collection — she coded them at yesterday's "Made with Code" event, an initiative to help get more young girls interested in careers like computer science and engineering. Well, I'm glad that she created them as part of an effort to further women in traditionally male-dominated fields, but that doesn't change the fact that I desperately want one! Think of all the other sound bites she could immortalize as jewelry: "My husband Straight Anderson Cooper," "Mindian Growl," and "I fluctuate between chubby and curvy" — the possibilities are endless.

Heck, she's already a fashion queen — she might as well add "accessories" designer to her laundry list of jobs!

Image: mindykaling/Instagram