12 Halloween Candies From Our Childhood That Make Us Miss Trick-Or-Treating

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Any time I was allowed to eat candy as a kid was a special occasion — and don’t even get me started on that joyous thing we call Halloween candy. I remember swearing that as soon as I was a grown up, I'd eat candy all the time. I would have done anything for candy… needless to say I took trick-or-treating very seriously.

Well, here I am, a grown up, and the idea of gorging on sugar is not nearly as appealing as it used to be. At least, it wasn't until I stumbled across all of these candies from the '90s, and my mouth started watering again. Food from our childhood was definitely weird, right? Luckily, most of these are still for sale, so you can relive your childhood very soon! I may not be trick-or-treating this year, but I’m definitely indulging my sweet tooth with these throwback candies. Take a look for yourself!

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