12 Halloween Candies From Our Childhood That Make Us Miss Trick-Or-Treating

Any time I was allowed to eat candy as a kid was a special occasion — and don’t even get me started on that joyous thing we call Halloween candy. I remember swearing that as soon as I was a grown up, I'd eat candy all the time. I would have done anything for candy… needless to say I took trick-or-treating very seriously.

Well, here I am, a grown up, and the idea of gorging on sugar is not nearly as appealing as it used to be. At least, it wasn't until I stumbled across all of these candies from the '90s, and my mouth started watering again. Food from our childhood was definitely weird, right? Luckily, most of these are still for sale, so you can relive your childhood very soon! I may not be trick-or-treating this year, but I’m definitely indulging my sweet tooth with these throwback candies. Take a look for yourself!

Ring Pops

Ring Pops were the ultimate fashion accessory of the playground. If only real diamonds were this delicious.

Ring Pops, $0.79/pop, oldtimecandy.com

Push Pops

If wearing your candy was too much for you, you were probably a fan of the Push Pop. Hidden inside these tiny plastic tubes was the ultimate sugar rush.

Push Pops, $0.99/pop, oldtimecandy.com

Baby Bottle Pops

Remember Baby Bottle Pops?! They were like Fun Dip, but way better.

Baby Bottle Pops, $2, oldtimecandy.com

Fruit Stripe Gum

The best part about Fruit Stripe Gum? Well beside the awesome flavors, the temporary tattoos that were printed on each wrapper couldn’t be beat.

Fruit Stripe Gum, $1.19/pack, oldtimecandy.com

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

This bubble tape never lasted as long as you wanted it to.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, $1.79, oldtimecandy.com

Bubbaloo Liquid-Filled Bubble Gum

This liquid-filled gum was like a Gushers that lasted longer. It was a favorite among my friends.

Bubbaloo Liquid-Filled Bubble Gum, $0.15/piece, oldtimecandy.com

Candy Blox

Finally, Lego pieces you could eat!

Candy Blox, $12, oldtimecandy.com


Remember the old “soak the warhead in water so it’s less sour” trick? I hope that wasn’t just me…

Warheads, $0.10/piece, oldtimecandy.com

Crybaby Sour Mini Drinks

The sour liquid housed in these wax bottles was almost better than a real bottle of soda.

Crybaby Sour Mini Drinks, $0.25, oldtimecandy.com

Airheads White Mystery Flavor

I never did find out what the white mystery flavor was. Pineapple?

Airheads White Mystery, $2.29 4ct., candycrate.com

Gummi Mini Burger

These gummi burgers were my absolute favorite. Remember how it came in hot dog and pizza shapes too?

Gummi Mini Burger, $0.25/piece, oldtimecandy.com

Fun Dip

Ah, the classic Fun Dip. The stick was always my favorite part.

Fun Dip, $12 (48 ct.), candycrate.com