5 Stars to Channel During the Summer Solstice

Finally, it’s officially summer! Huzzah! Today marks the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the calendar beginning of the season. While we’ve been pretty much summer-ready since memorial day, this is still another reason to celebrate. There are sure to be plenty of bashes going on tonight. After all, it’s a legit pagan holiday! Find yourself a deck of tarot cards and seek out a bonfire to dance around tonight. It’s a mystical kind of evening, and you’ll need an outfit to match.

It’s the longest day of the year, and the heat is really starting to peak. So you’re looking for the perfect combination of shamanic and weather friendly to keep you uttering incantations into the wee morning hours. Lucky for us, the witchy trend is at a gale force right now, and there are plenty of places we can turn for inspiration. Celebrities anyone? Yes, celebrities! I mean, imagine how many summer solstice parties are going on in Hollywood tonight? That star town was made for wicca-friendly bashes. We’ve compiled a collection of solstice-ready ensembles as worn by your favorite stars, vintage and contemporary. So while you’re rifling through your closet for the best things to wear tonight, keep these looks in mind!

Stevie Nicks

Image: Tumblr

The first lady of the "witchy boho" look will always be our first summer solstice style icon. In this throwback look, she's layered a black sequin smock top over a nude slip. Try layering some black and white sequin pieces-- play with light and dark.


Image: Tumblr

Speaking of the boho-witch trend, Lorde is our current poster girl! Here, she reminds us that black can still be summery. Consider pairing a black crop top with a more traditional summery skirt, and going for a bordeaux lip. It's just enough "occult minx", and light enough so that you won't sweat your ovaries off.

Courtney Love

Image: Tumblr

Whether Courtney Love is a role model or not in the other aspects of her life, her '90's grunge fairy style is perfect for a summer solstice. Silken slip dresses are perfect for layering with crystal necklaces on summer nights.

Jemima Kirke

Image: Tumblr

Jessa is a totem of festival fashion inspiration, and Jemima Kirke's own personal style is just ethereal and bohemian as that of her on-screen persona. A sheer empire waist maxi dress will give you that new age woman look that's totally on point for this holiday.

Fairuza Balk

Image: Miista

Other than her instrumental role as a band-aid, Balk's character in Almost Famous serves us some great ideas for summer boho ensembles. Think of going for a crochet kimono!