If You Give a Grandparent a Google Glass...

The world hasn't quite figured out how it feels about Google Glass – some people think they're awesome, some people think they're annoying, and for some people they're a walking nightmare for privacy concerns. While some are using them to make new types of art, others are trying to make the glasses themselves more fashionable. As these devices slowly become more popular and more common, more and more people are weighing in, from consumers to The Daily Show , but thanks to TheFineBros YouTube channel we can now find out what older Americans think of this cutting edge technology.

As part of their "Elders React" series, the Fine Brothers let nine older people try out the Google Glasses, and the results are surprising. All of the people in the video seem pretty tech savvy already, so they're a little better at navigating the glasses than you might expect. But lots of them are also incredibly enthusiastic about the idea of Google Glass, which for them is directly out of science fiction.

And, when you think about it, it is pretty incredible that people who used to have party lines – those phone lines that sometimes were shared with every house on the block – can now record videos with a pair of glasses. Technology is crazy, guys.

For these and other fascinating things to consider (as well as some quality putting-the-glasses-on-wrong and accidentally-surfing-porn moments), check out the full video.