Ever Wonder How She Met Her Boyfriend?

by Arielle Dachille

If there’s any celebrity couple that you’re dying to third wheel with, it’s Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. Imagine it: Tony Stonem, Ree Dolly, and you hanging out on a Friday night. That's pretty much how you spell AMAZING. Plus, you’d be able to get the coveted details of their adorable union. We know the couple has been dating on and off for around three years, but they’ve kept any details about their relationship in the vault. There’s so much left to wonder! Like, how exactly did Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult meet? Did she execute the perfect relatable girl trip straight into his arms? Did they spend a night out pounding shots of whiskey and fall madly in love by dawn? The possibilities are endless!

Despite a scant amount of relationship specifics about these lovebirds in public sphere, there are a few things we know for sure. Hoult and Lawrence met during a screen test for X-Men First Class, which premiered in 2011. Considering how much time the movie took to film, we can guess that this screen test took place some time in 2010. From then on, the two had months and months ahead of them to spend making eyes at each other and building up sexual tension. The two debuted as a couple in January 2011, when Hoult attended the Screen Actors Guild award as her date.

When talking about the energy on the X-Men set, the actress basically says it was a big old love fest. In an interview with Clevver Movies, Lawrence details how close she became with her fellow cast members. At the time of filming, Lawrence and Hoult were very close in age. She was 20 and he was 21 when the film was wrapped. It only makes sense that the two shared a special bond and gravitated to each other.

Not to mention, we’re sure Nicholas, just like the rest of the world, found her completely endearing. A sense of humor is an aphrodisiac, and I'm guessing that the case of Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence is no exception. Lawrence is known for being a prankster on set, so we can easily guess that the two engaged in plenty of antics. An epic prank war that resulted in a passionate dressing-room makeout sesh, perhaps?

We know for sure though that the two mutually respect each other and thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. Hoult has seen Lawrence through a massive career change and can attest to her graceful handling of her super-stardom. A few months back, Hoult opened up about his feelings for Lawrence:

Enjoy the good times, but don’t get swept away with it… I think that’s something she’s capable of doing, and that’s what makes her special, but yeah, it is very odd, and I am just kind of a bystander in many ways. It is well-deserved for her. I haven’t really seen any change in her.

Dawww... Adorable bomb right in your face. These two set a shining example for a pair of super best friends who also rub their parts together on occasion. And isn't that the kind of great influence we all need?

Images: Tumblr