FYI: Tara Lipinski Has A Fabulous Instagram

Thanks to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, I have mildly fallen back in love with Tara Lipinski. In 1998, we all fell in love with her because she was a 15-year-old ice-skating prodigy (and, duh, who wouldn't want to be her?), and now, after over a decade of radio silence, we've gotten the opportunity to truly appreciate how epic of a person Lipinski has become. From dancing a Big Lebowski -themed routine on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to hosting the Kentucky Derby to appearing as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance , it's obvious that the ex-ice skater is down to do seriously anything. She's triple-axeled back into the spotlight, and I absolutely freakin' love it.

And, honestly, it's about time that she came back into the public eye because she left way too soon. Sure, she had a career as a professional skater and an actress after her gold-medal win — let us all remember her appearances on The Young and the Restless, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, 7th Heaven, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch — but she didn't really stick around for long. Luckily, now she has a second chance to be regular on our TV screens (if that's something she wants to do). Well, she has a chance and so does her trusty co-host/sidekick/BFF Johnny Weir. Together they're an unstoppable team of sass and fashion that is endlessly fun to watch.

So, in an attempt to obsess over Lipinski even more, I've scoured through the TV personality's Instagram in search of photo gems that will prove that she has the most fabulous life ever.

She's actually BFFs with Johnny Weir.

We could have all guessed that their friendship is for real, but who knows, it totally could have just been for the camera.

She's basically as important as Bey and Jay-Z.

Well this made my day. @johnnygweir look who's on the same page as us in @peoplemag ! Beyonce and Jay-Z @TaraandJohnny die at this

She was made for Coachella.

Man, she definitely crammed every Coachella look into one outfit.

Her hair is unfair.

I can't handle how beautiful her hair is.

She wears super chic shoes.

Yeah, these are seriously fierce.

She has a chandelier.

I repeat: She has a chandelier.

She has a rustic pool room.

If this pool room is any sign of what the rest of her house looks like, I need to move in right now.

She got to perform on the Whose Line Is It Anyway? stage.

Oh hai, Wayne Brady.

She has princess nails.

Gold and winter are basically the two words that describe her perfectly.

She has Martha Stewart-themed dinner parties.

She's basically an ad for Pinterest.

She gets insane presents.

This is Rory Gilmore's Chilton graduation all over again.

But most importantly, she has fabulous Halloween costumes.

"I think we're just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Richie."

Images: Today/Tumblr; Taralipinski/Instagram; lapiccolamela/Tumblr