'Mystery Girls'' Jennie Garth Had Better Bring Some 'What I Like About You' Flair To Her New Show

What I like about Jennie Garth is that she is perfect. I also like that Garth is going to be in ABC Family's Mystery Girls because I have my fingers crossed that it's going to be somewhat similar to one of my favorite shows ever: What I Like About You. (Mostly because it's a brightly-lit sitcom with two central female characters.) WILAY had everything I could have ever asked for as a teen: no parents, Amanda Bynes, a central hangout spot, Amanda Bynes, a British boyfriend, Amanda Bynes, a heart-melting fireman, Amanda Bynes, a quirky blonde best friend, and Amanda Bynes. It didn't even matter that there was a nauseating laugh-track in the background because I couldn't hear it over my actual laughter. I mean, who wouldn't laugh at one of Gary's clueless one-liners? They were teenage gold.

The WB TV series followed Valerie (Garth) as she attempted to raise her younger sister Holly (Bynes) in New York City. Add on a few sidekick characters and love interests and the show had a perfect recipe for unavoidable shenanigans. The logline for each and every single episode basically could have been, "Irresponsible Holly gets herself into a sticky situation and responsible Val has to fix it for her. And all of the other characters say funny things for comic relief." Nailed it.

Take a look at all of the reasons why What I Like About You was every teenage girl's perfect comedy (and why even an ounce of this kind of magic would make Mystery Girls a must see):

Holly understood teenage love.

C'mon, you know you've totally imagined your life with someone you've never met before. We're all just as creepy as Holly.

There were a lot of attractive boyfriends.

Holly & Vince 4lyfe.

Holly always said what she was thinking.

... and did what she was thinking.

Val knew how to have some fun.

She was able to let loose and take the almost-parent stick out of her butt (thanks to Holly). Plus, Vick was just too hot not to touch.

There was so much witty back-and-forth banter.

Good one, Holly.

Gary was a great best friend.

They knew what was important in life.

Val was the best older sister.

Even though the show was basically about Holly, it should have been about Val.

It had a seriously weird character.

Lauren was genuinely one of the most bizarre and outlandish characters ever.

They talked about sex.

And were funny about it.

Val was in the steamiest relationship ever.

Holly might have had the most boyfriends, but Val's fireman boyfriend was everything.

It had the best opening credits.

Jennie Garth was the absolute cutest part of the entire intro.

But most importantly, the show was about sisters and that's all that mattered in the end.

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