Elle Fanning Wears Princess Aurora Child's Nightgown, Proving That She's Fully Embraced Her Role As A Disney Princess

Maleficent's Princess Aurora has been owning real-life princess style during promotion for the film. While much has been made of Elle Fanning's nightgown-like Alexander McQueen gown at the Japanese premiere of the film, we can't ignore the other major look she's sported in the country. Fanning rocked a t-shirt dress emblazoned with Princess Aurora's cartoon face upon arrival at the airport in Japan and I don't know what to make of it.

Fanning has been taking the Aurora theme very literally during the press tour for Maleficent, wearing a lot of sparkly dresses fit for royalty and those killer Charlotte Olympia Sleeping Beauty pumps. Mostly, this in-character approach has been a sartorial success. The pumps, especially, were so amazing that they still haunt my envy-fueled dreams, mainly because they were quirky but somehow still really subtle and gown up. The Aurora t-shirt dress, however, reminds me a little too much of a Cinderella nightgown I spilled cough medicine on when I was six.

It is just a cotton t-shirt with a magical illustration of Disney's cartoon Aurora fanning (pun intended) out across the actresses chest. With Fanning's youthful complexion and pale blonde hair, the whole thing has the effect of making her look like a child instead of the fine young woman she's becoming. Of course she did accessorize with some very grown up gold jewelry, (do I spot a Juste un Clou bracelet on her wrist in one of these photos?) and excellent blue and red heels.

I don't know where the dress is from, but for those of us who don't have designer friends around to custom make Sleeping Beauty attire for us, there's always the Disney Store. Here's a t-shirt with a similar feel to Fanning's dress that you can pick up for $37:

Disney Store

And for the princess-loving little one in your life, get the look with a nightgown!

Disney Store