Prada's Making Waves on the Catwalk

Fashion shows are almost always gender-specific, proving that the whole world is still just like your first middle school dance — boys on one side of the gym, girls on the other, whispering and staring at each other over the half-court line. But it doesn't have to be that way. Enter Miuccia Prada, who showed menswear alongside womenswear from her 2015 resort collection during Milan Men's Fashion Week. Miuccia, I like the way you think.

Prada, who has been mixing her catwalk with men and women's fashion for the past few seasons, thinks that her way is the way of the future, and she's probably right. Here's what she told the Telegraph about letting the boys and girls mingle at the dance — erm, on the runway.

I think the combination is more real. It is more today. Otherwise it looks like we are in classes, in the time of my grandfather, women divided from men. The shows divided are so unreal and I think that it is when you put them together you get a sense of what is meaningful and real...

Hear ye, the great Prada has spoken! But seriously, I am over fashion being so divided, especially in the age of women rocking menswear on the regular (not to mention the age of supposed equality between the sexes). It's kind of weird that the industry continues to insist on separate runway shows, although it may be more convenient. Either way, I'm with Prada on this one. However, I'm still not convinced that unisex couture will ever become A Thing.