'Pretty Little Liars' Fashion MVP: Who Was Best Dressed in 'Surfing the Aftershocks?'

Man, do the girls of Pretty Little Liars go to a lot of funerals. Their all-black looks were fab as per usual (though perhaps a little too fab for Ali's mother's funeral, IMHO). For instance, Hanna's short satin number was a lot of fun, as were Emily's jewel-necked romper and Aria's cut-out dress, but they all looked more like they were going to a New Year's Eve party rather than their friend's mother's funeral.

Ali and Spencer dressed a little more conservatively (not to mention more funeral-appropriate) — Spencer wore a black lace sheath dress with a pastel floral pattern, and Ali rather disturbingly wore the same dress her mother wore to Ali's funeral, back before she returned from the dead. That last sentence basically describes the entire show in a nut shell. Bananas.

Well, because I can't quite take their funeral garb seriously, I couldn't give any of them the MVP award — so let's take a look at the clothes the Liars wore to school the next day. As you can see, Aria went print overboard (as per usual) with a neon floral blazer and a striped dress, Emily went rather boring in a cropped muscle tee and skinnies, and Spencer went super preppy (even for her) in a striped top over a brown pencil skirt. So, let's give the prize to Hanna!

Hanna took a leaf out of Aria's book with some wild accessorizing, and the risk paid off, seeming more chic than crazy-pants. Her bold statement necklace and intricate leather cut-out belt play off of her pale pink dress really nicely, for a high-impact, yet classic, look.

Honorable mention: Spencer's cockatoo sweater from the second half of the episode (I fully support her love of animal printed sweaters).

Images: Disney/ABC Family