Kesha Is Looking Seriously Moss-y These Days

Well, this just proves that taking any and all symbols out of your name really can change your life. Kesha is on the August cover of Teen Vogue, looking freckly and fresh-faced. She emerged from rehab in March, lost the dollar sign from her name, and completely evolved her look from dirty disco dance raver babe to red carpet royalty.

But, honestly, what struck me the most when first setting eyes on the cover, is how much Kesha looks like Kate Moss. I know, right? There's a celeb dopplegänger I didn't see coming. Just a year ago Moss covered the June issue of Vogue UK, and the similarities between the two spreads are sort of uncanny. Although Kesha told the magazine that she gets a lot of her style inspiration from Mick Jagger, maybe she'll take some lessons from Moss in the future.

I mean, look! The heavily rimmed eyes? The pale pink lips? The sultry, blank stare? Even their bone structure is basically identical, something I never would have picked up on during Kesha's "glitter on the floor and paint all over my face" style phase. It's only Kesha's nose ring and adorable freckles that really make me able to tell the two apart. Keep it up, Kesha, and you just might make my style icon list.