Charlotte Olympia Designed World Cup Clutches

Move over every single World Cup-themed collection ever: Charlotte Olympia's perfect World Cup clutches have arrived. They are truly chic, even in the eyes of someone as sports-phobic as myself (seriously, I've read through every sports game I've ever been forced to watch). And they're Charlotte Olympia, so you know they're just a little bit quirky as well.

Like the TEXTILE Elizabeth and James World Cup t-shirts before them, the clutches are all about showing team pride — with a cheeky wink, of course! The special-edition Hat Trick Pandora clutches consist of a transparent Lucite box clutch lined with satin inserts printed with the team flags and featuring a spider closure painted to look like a soccer ball. A little Lucite makes anything classy, even a sports-themed garment.

Priced at $1,195, the range, which is pretty tame for Olympia (this is the woman who brought us the handcuff clutch, remember?) debuts on July 4th at Charlotte Olympia stores in New York, London, Beverly Hills, and Miami. So maybe I'll only own one in my dreams, but those will be some stylish dreams, let me tell you. Maybe they'll even be dreams in which I actually watch the World Cup... but probably not.