7 Miss Piggy Quotes That Make Us Glad She's Not "Delicate and Lovely"

We were shocked to learn that Jim Henson, Miss Piggy’s creator, originally intended for the iconic glamour gal to be “delicate and lovely.” The beloved Muppet is known for her divalicous tendencies, undying sense of romance, and impressive affinity for the material arts, but Kermit's self-declared soulmate is no delicate flower.

A note detailing Henson's initial plans for Miss Piggy is now up for auction, revealing that Miss Piggy's brash tendencies weren't part of the original vision for the character. Fortunately, things don't always go according to plan, and we are grateful Miss Piggy turned out the way she did. She may not be subtle, but she is the most inspirational pig we know. Here are seven life lessons Miss Piggy has taught us:

1. Never question that you are destined for stardom

"There's only room for one diva in Oz, and that is moi!" - Miss Piggy as the Wicked Witch of the West

(The Muppets' Wizard of Oz)

2. Always assert your individuality

"Haven't you heard? One is the new two."

(The Muppet Movie)

3. Know When to Put your Significant Other in his (or Her) place

Kermit: I just want to know more about this wedding sketch, I mean. I've got to learn my lines, Piggy.

Miss Piggy: Well.. you only have one line.

Kermit: I do?

Miss Piggy: Exactly.

(The Muppet Show)

4. Live life to the fullest

“Many people think money is something to be set aside for a rainy day. But honestly, how much money do you really need for a dozen or so hours of inclement weather?”

(The Muppet Show)

5. Be practical

"Smart cooks realize that the easiest cookbook to use is the Yellow Pages and the handiest appliance in the kitchen is the telephone."

(The Muppet Show)

6. Always think ahead

"What if you were in Florida without your furs and there is a very quick little ice age?"

(The Muppets)

7. Follow sensible dieting guidelines

Image: stylehasnosize.com