Tupac Musical 'Holler If Ya Hear Me' is On the Way Out & Here's What Could've Caused Its Demise

If you thought the words "Tupac" and "musical" seemed an unlikely pair, unfortunately you weren't alone in that assessment. The New York Post reports that Holler If Ya Hear Me, the Broadway production based on Tupac's poems and lyrics that opened last Thursday, has yet to find a substantial audience. The rapidly dwindling interest in the show is reportedly reflected in its $170,000 first week ticket sales. Despite reports that Holler is the lowest-grossing Broadway show, this does nothing to diminish the impact of Tupac's legacy.But of course whenever something fails, speculation on why it wasn't a success soon follows. And with this musical, there must be some legitimate reasons that could explain why it hasn't connected with audiences. However, until we learn more information beyond the show having an extremely slow start, one can only wonder why Tupac's Holler has largely gone unheard.Aside from the show having major financial issues before opening night, there's one major problem- it wasn't about Tupac. It simply used his music and poetry as inspiration, but perhaps a refreshing take on his life, death and ongoing impact on the music industry would offer a more compelling show. Sure, the multiple conspiracy theories surrounding Tupac's death and involvement in hip-hop beefs are repeatedly rehashed. But 'Pac's posthumous albums and influence made him what Elvis is to rock n' roll, with people refusing to believe he's dead and swearing he's living a life of anonymity in Cuba. With a Coachella hologram performance, a successful movie about his life and a Tupac biopic in the works, among other things, it's safe to say public interest in Tupac has hardly waned.Another concern reportedly raised by "a veteran producer" was that the show has no demographic, which certainly ensures that the show never had a fighting chance. Is the average Tupac fan interested in Broadway shows? Who knows, but perhaps they would be if it was actually about his life. His music and poetry still resonate with fans old and new, but it's the man behind the words who intrigues us even more.