A Gold Fried Chicken Bone Necklace Exists, And We Want It Immediately

Wow. We are truly blessed to be living in a world where Kim Kardashian can make her own video game, Cristiano Ronaldo's eyebrows are more famous than his soccer skills, and you can wear a piece of your favorite comfort food on a chain around your neck. No, really: Kentucky for Kentucky is making necklaces made out of gold-plated chicken bones. Like, to wear. For real. And I'm all about it.

According to the LA Times, the Kentucky-based blog teamed up with Meghan Carroll of Meg C Jewelry, who made the jewels with her boyfriend after they ate 25 KFC wings — hopefully with a side of mashed potatoes and biscuits. That's a seriously impressive amount of chicken split between two people (those aren't tiny 25 cent wings we're talking about here, after all), so mad respect to the happy couple. Especially that they had the creative energy afterwards to get their jeweler on and dip a bunch of bones in gold. Never have I ever been even as close to that productive on a weeknight.

As a massive fried chicken fan (s/o to Pies N Thighs in Williamsburg, Bustle's favorite lunch spot), I would absolutely give this cartilage choker a go. It's basically like one of those delicate bar necklaces that are all the rage these days — except made of food. Ooh, heaven is a place on Earth.

The only downside? These golden beauties are only available for a very limited time. They'll go on sale at kentuckyforkentucky.com on Friday at 10 a.m. EST — and only 25 of them, at that. Even with the $130-$160 price tag, I expect they'll get gobbled up pretty quickly. Maybe we can start a petition to get more made?

Images: Kentucky For Kentucky