These Photos With 3 Generations Of Women Rock

Nina Röder is a German photographer who describes her work as covering topics that "influence our existence," such as "ancestry, gender, education, religion." In an interview with Feature Shoot, the artist said that "almost every artwork I've done so far is influenced by conscious or unconscious aspects of family stories." Röder's ancestry is most definitely consciously documented in her 2008 photo project titled "Mutters Schuhe."

The project — which features three generations of women in the same outfits — feels mostly fun and whimsical. Families are praised pretty highly in our culture and almost any other, and we consume massive amounts of entertainment relating to families and lineage. And though the striking images evoke universal feelings, Röder drew personal inspiration from her own family: The clothing featured was all her mother's, and the retro-inspired sets represent memories her mother holds.

It's not just a cutesy play on the idea of the tri-generational photos that are perpetually taken at family reunions and birthday gatherings. Röder began the project by talking to her mom about specific moments in her life "to explore how subjectivity and perspective affect the retelling of memories." Each photo, either including Röder, her mother, or her grandmother, represents how each woman's perspective skews the memories.

And hey. Even if you aren't into all the deep, psychological memory stuff, these photos are still pretty sweet to look at.

Images: Nina Röder/