He Can't Leave the House Yet

UPDATE: And Donny won't be the first houseguest gone from the house! The Duck Dynasty lookalike has won the Power of Veto!

EARLIER: The game is off to a quick start in the Big Brother 16 house this season, with the first Battle of the Block competition completed. After this season’s twist removed two nominees from the block, one of the remaining two houseguests, either Paola Shea, the outgoing DJ from New York or Donny Thompson, the school groundskeeper from North Carolina, might find themselves out the door this week. I say might because this is Big Brother and as usual, expect the unexpected, am I right?

The Veto competition will be played soon, but if nominations remain the same, talk in the house is pointing to Donny being sent out the door and into Julie Chen’s arms on eviction day. Some of the houseguests aren’t buying Thompson’s life story about him being a groundskeeper, thinking he is covering up a secret life. They really should be directing their attention to the real life 21 Jump Street, Derrick Levasseur, a police officer undercover as a Leslie Knope-type parks and recreation coordinator. Whether it is Thompson's simple demeanor that has caused the house to get suspicious, or just the 16 seasons of deception that has peoples' guards up, a houseguest suspected of hiding something never works out for said houseguest.

You might be asking, "But wait, doesn’t Thompson have at least three alliances to keep him safe?" If you think that will actually help, you need to re-evaluate the Big Brother game because your word in the Big Brother house is as good as slop (which I understand to be awful). Devin Shepherd created the Double D alliance with Thompson hours after entering the Big Brother house, and according to the feeds, Shepherd feels awful about turning on Thompson, saying Thompson loves the affection he has been given in the Big Brother house because it is something he doesn’t have much of back home (excuse me while I get a tissue).

So how can Thompson live to see another week, and more importantly, allow us to see him do more cricket impressions? A lot of that depends on the Veto competition. If Thompson were to win the competition, he would obviously pull himself off the block, causing Caleb Reynolds, the current Head Of Household, to name a replacement. Thompson’s other potential lifeline is to push the house to backdoor Team America’s first member, Joey Van Pelt, something that has already been mentioned during late night chats.

Regardless of what happens, Thompson is getting some major love out in the Internet world, and will be welcomed back from the bubble that is the Big Brother house with open arms and plenty of Pop-Tarts waiting for him.

Images: CBS, bricesander/Tumblr, BBfan./Twitter, Andrew Brockman/Twitter, Hayden Moss/Twitter