We Took On A Most Difficult Task

I say it every time I see him on TV, hear his songs on the radio, or read anything about him, but OH MY GOD ED SHEERAN IS THE CUTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET. I want to give that sweetie pie a hug. And what do you know, there’s a new story to add to the list: Sheeran told Parade he and his friends mussed up a hotel room after the 2014 Grammys. Before you raise your eyebrow, get ready: The morning after, Sheeran felt bad. So, what did he do? He cleaned up the wreckage. CLASSIC SHEERAN.

AUGH what an angel. I love this anecdote. I love this anecdote so hard.

Wait. How does this compare to my other favorite "Sheeran is an adorable human" stories?

I know what I need to do. I need to do something major: I need to create The Ed Sheeran Cute Moment Rankings. I will rack my brain, scour the Internet, and rank Sheeran's sweetest moments.

Oh, WOOF. This will be a difficult task. Like I said, all of these moments are absolutely fantastic. I want to call it a seven-way tie, but I can't chicken out like that. So, I'll suck it up and rank 'em.

The Ed Sheeran Cute Moment Rankings

7. Un-trashed his hotel room

Oh my god. He did something wild and crazy, but then had seconds thoughts about it. And he fixed it. SUCH A GEM.

Reason for decision (RFD): Though he undid the trashing, he did trash a room. That part is a little less adorable (but yes, I realize it was the catalyst for the adorable moment).

6. Guest taught at his old school

If I was one of the students at that school, I'd pass out, wake up, and pass out again. BECAUSE OMG.

RFD: While Sheeran makes it 1000% better, school is school.

5. Called Harry Styles his “hero”


RFD: Some—not me—may say he's sort of bragging about his beautiful friendship. Again, I wouldn't say that. I am all about it.

4. Was a good sport about winning GQ’ s worst dressed

Aw, he has such a sweet attitude. Melting my heart.

RFD: I do love this one, but the top three moments involve cats. And cats are the best.

3. Nuzzled Meredith the Cat



2. Made a Twitter account for his kitten



1. Adopted a kitten