No More "Sookeh!"

I apologize in advance for causing your Bill Compton-related nightmares. True Blood 's seventh and final season premiered on June 22 and longtime fans of the series are all dreading the moment when Bill and Sookie get back together. Myself, included. Because, after six seasons on HBO and the ups and downs of their relationship, there's one thing that all True Blood fans would rather die than hear ever again — Bill Compton uttering, "Sookeh."

It's inevitable, obviously, since Bill survived his turn as Lilith and has returned, with the intent to repent, to Bon Temps. And Season 7's already made it clear that the series is going to end with Sookeh and Bill getting their happily ever after romance that True Blood introduced in Season 1. It'd be fair, even though we're all secretly praying that the show will kill off Sookie as it's last hurrah. Sookie's been through enough that maybe it'd be alright for her to finally get some peace and for her life to come full circle, back to the vampire that started it all. But that would mean countless, nails-on-a-chalkboard moments of Stephen Moyer screaming, whispering, muttering, and grunting "Sookeh" at Anna Paquin in the remaining nine episodes of Season 7.

I'm sorry, True Blood, fans — you can never escape the creepy accent of Bill Compton and his pronunciation of Sookie's unfortunate name. Heck, Sookie can't even escape it. And it's sad because we'd otherwise at least try to support the "Bill & Sookie Forever" campaign. Mostly because all True Blood fans know that we wouldn't be able to escape "Sookeh" even in the case that HBO did kill Paquin's character off the show. That death would be followed by a scene of Bill LOSING IT and repeating her name over and over while he stood in the sun waiting for the True Death. Typical, dramatic Bill Compton.

So, is the only way to beat Bill, to join him? Or to just desensitize ourselves by powering through the final season by watching this YouTube supercut of all of the times Bill said "Sookeh" during Season 1:

Ugh. No, that didn't work. Sook-ehhhhh.

Images: HBO, dragonflyvanity/Tumblr, fuckyoubillcompton/Tumblr