Well, This Is a Delicious Marketing Strategy

Melissa McCarthy is undeniably excellent — whether in her delightful onscreen roles (hi, Sookie) or her right-on behind-the-scenes attitudes — and thankfully, her upcoming project Tammy , which comes out on July 2, promises more of the same. Starring McCarthy in the title role, the film tells the story of a woman who, having lost her husband, job, and car, decides to hit the road with her grandmother (played by Susan Sarandon), and as one might expect, hijinks ensue. While the sheer fact of having two female protagonists makes the film laudable by Bechdel Test standards, Tammy was also co-written by McCarthy, along with her husband, Ben Falcone (a.k.a., John the Air Marshall from Bridesmaids), who also serves as director. And, as if this all weren't incentive enough — which, really guys, come on — this past weekend, the film's promoters decided to market Tammy with pie. Yes, pie.

Beginning on Friday, trucks bearing McCarthy's best "IDGAF" pose appeared in various locations across New York, L.A., and Toronto, passing out free fast-food-style apple pies — a callback to the scene showcased in the film's trailer, in which Tammy holds up her former employer, fictional chain eatery "TopperJacks," for more than just their money. Though the trucks' last scheduled appearance seems to have been this afternoon, it's worth checking in with @wbpictures — or, searching #GimmeSomePies — to see if this bit of promotional sweetness might be coming to a street corner near you.

In the meantime, though, here are some fans basking in the glory of this ingenious stunt — because, hey, it's "American as apple pie" for a reason (and just in time for 4th of July, too):

Image: @joelkarnold/Twitter