Is She Feuding with Iggy Azalea?

Another day, another potential rap feud. Of course, a rap feud usually requires two individuals to participate whereas this one is based entirely on inferences and implications. Nicki Minaj has never been afraid to speak her mind, like when she called out Donald Sterling on "Yasss Bish", and Sunday night at the BET Awards was no different. This time, Nicki Minaj threw shade at rappers who don't write their rhymes during her acceptance speech and, although she didn't name any names, it didn't take long for people to automatically assume that she was talking about Iggy Azalea.

"I thank god that I’ve been placed in a position to do something and represent women in a culture that is so male-driven," said Minaj during the speech. "...My point is, what I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is, that when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it."

Although she swiftly denied a moment later that she wasn't throwing any shade, Minaj's words didn't line up with her actions in the slightest. In fact, there's already a Vine video of Minaj's face as she spoke, a face that is being referred to by fans as the "ultimate Shade face".

Yes, Iggy Azalea is widely rumored to have ghost writers for her rhymes, but does that necessarily mean that Nicki Minaj was calling her out specifically? After all, the shade was thrown at the tail end of an aside about her upcoming album and her representation of women in a male-driven culture. She could just as easily been calling out male rappers who don't write their own rhymes rather than building herself up by tearing other women down.

Still, it doesn't take much more than one guess to open up the possibility of a feud between two of the biggest names in hip hop right now and Minaj and Azalea's fans have chosen sides accordingly.

It seems that even if Azalea never responds to Minaj, or if Minaj clarifies that she wasn't insulting Azalea, their fans are more than happy to fight this war for them. Personally, I'm hoping that this isn't a sign that the feuding floodgates are about to open between Azalea and Minaj. They're both women succeeding in a male-dominated business and they both have a lot to offer musically and lyrically that can't be compared. Women need to support one another rather than tearing one another down.

Watch the acceptance speech below.