Shia LaBeouf Allegedly Enters Rehab After Broadway Arrest — Is the Rumor True?

Outlets x17Online and OK! Magazine are both reporting that Shia LaBeouf has allegedly entered rehab, or is at least getting on-site treatment for alcohol addiction. The news comes on the heels of an escalation in erratic behavior on the part of LaBeouf, resulting in several videos of odd behavior in New York City and even an arrest during a Broadway production of Cabaret .

x17Online is reporting that they had a cameraman follow LaBeouf for the day (because who needs privacy when you're a celebrity? Sigh), all the way to a treatment center somewhere in Hollywood that has been, allegedly, frequented by many a famous person looking to kick old habits.

According to the site:

Bustle reached out for a comment from LaBeouf's rep but has not heard back at the time of publication. Whatever the case may be, we hope for his sake that he is taking whatever steps he needs to find himself in a better place moving forward.