Who Did Andi Send Home?

We've known for awhile that Andi Dorfman is taking this Bachelorette season very seriously. So tonight's elimination was no surprise when she sent Dylan Petitt and Brian Osborne packing. True, they were both good guys, but they weren't right for her. Tonight it was time for her to trim the excess so she can get on with finding her soulmate. With just Chris, Josh, Nick, and Marcus sticking around, only the frontrunners are left and Andi can get down to business picking her favorite. To be fair, it's probably just going to be between Josh and Nick in the end, but at least Chris and Marcus have a better shot than the two she sent home.

Andi knew she didn't see a future with Brian, who for the life of him could never figure out the right time to make a move, and was about as at home in the kitchen as Andi would be coaching a basketball team. Dude didn't even try to make it a fun date.

As for Dylan, many were surprised she kept him as long as she did when she sent guys like the charming Marquel and unique JJ home first. Dylan was nice, but he doesn't wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom, so he obvi had to be cut.

Both guys were pretty bummed that they got sent home, but it was clear Andi wasn't all that broken up about it. She didn't even walk the men out, and instead just got right down to business toasting the remaining four men. Tonight's elimination was far from a shocker and next week's probably won't be all that mysterious either. Really we're just biding time for the finale at this point because it's been a Josh-Nick showdown since week one.

Let the games begin.

Image: ABC