'Teen Wolf's New Creatures Are Terrifying

One of the coolest things about MTV's Teen Wolf is the introduction of some really awesome creatures every season. Last year we met a Kitsune, a fox-like creature with different magical abilities; the Oni, a group of creepy demons; and many others. But in Season 4, we're getting a taste one of the creepiest creatures in mythology: The Berserkers.

So what exactly are these horribly terrifying things? Well they haven't come out of Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis' mind. They're actually a part of Norse mythology. In the Viking age, Berserkers were a group of warrior shamans with the totem animal of a bear, which is where the name Berserker was created. The Berserkers used to wear a ritual costume made from the hides of their totem animal as a reminder to the warrior that they have gone beyond the confines of their humanity to become an ultimate, "divine predator." The Berserkers were known for their crazy initiation process which involved candidates living in the wilderness for a while as their totem animal and learning their ways. They then would have the ability to become "possessed" by their totem animal and acquire it's strength, anger, and bravery. But while Berserkers from mythology sound noble and strong, the ones on Teen Wolf look plain evil.

Season 4 may be the first time we've seen The Berserkers, but it's not the first time they've been mentioned. Chris Argent has talked about killing Berserkers in the past and he is the first one who explains their backstory, explaining their Norse origins and how they could take on the abilities of a bear. But he goes on further to reveal that they didn't just channel the bear, they became bears and lost all humanity in the process.

In their first appearance on the show, Scott was able to scare one away by letting out a gigantic alpha roar, but in the second episode of Season 4, we saw their full form. And they scared everyone, including Peter Hale, who ran at the sight of them. In fact, he told Malia and Scott that they could not defeat the Berserkers. Kira tried to fight a couple but was unsuccessful. The creatures were finally called off by a secret man in the mist after Kate successfully robbed the Hales of $117 million dollars. I'm guessing that mystery man is actually the infamous big bad of Season 4: The Benefactor. How the Wolf Pack will handle these things as well as Kate Argent and anything else the Benefactor throws at the will definitely be insane—and make for an intense, exciting season. Can it be next Monday already?

Images: MTV (2)