Lena Perfectly Explains Birth Control to a Kid

It’s a day later and conversations about Hobby Lobby aren’t going anywhere. After Monday's Supreme Court ruling granting corporations religious freedom (and more freedom than the company’s female employees), many people are still outraged, as they should be. This includes celebrities, who haven’t been hesitant about voicing their opinions on Twitter. While there have been tons of awesome comments about this topic, Lena Dunham's definitely takes the cake. Lena Dunham explained birth control to a kid and her description was perfect.

As if we need another reason to love her, the Girls star posted three tweets this morning that make a very valid point. She shares a story about the conversation she had with a girl at dinner yesterday. The 10-year-old was curious about what pill Dunham was taking, so she took the opportunity to explain birth control's necessity. She shared her reason for taking the pill, which was that she wants to choose the right time to have a baby. (And honestly, it’s not anyone else’s business why a woman chooses to takes birth control. But more power to Dunham for being so open about it!) The child simply accepted Lena's explanation and did not ask any further questions.

Why is birth control a concept children are capable of understanding, yet grown men can’t? Seriously, it doesn’t make much sense. Anyway, read the greatness for yourself:

Is it possible to nominate Dunham for the Supreme Court? Because obviously she’d make much better decisions.