It's The 'Planet of The Apes' Honest Trailer

With Dawn of The Planet of The Apes hitting theaters soon, it's pretty much a necessity to revisit the Planet of The Apes re-boot that blessed us with its mediocrity in 2001. And let's be honest (ahem — notice my lead-up?) — what better way to revisit a relatively meh film than with an Honest Trailer? So now, the always funny and spot-on Screen Junkies bring you the Honest Trailer for Planet of The Apes , which does not fail to remind you that the original 1968 movie was a stellar classic, and the re-boot was not even a quarter as excellent. In fact, as the trailer puts it, "it's a masterclass in how not to re-boot a franchise."

I'm not going to spoil it all for you, but the trailer hits on some pretty key fails from the re-make (Ape-raham Lincoln at the end, nonsensical dialogue, valiant attempts to one-up the original, et cetera). It will also remind you that if you were planning to see Dawn of The Planet of The Apes to not expect too much, but you knew that, right? If you saw the poster that looks like the midnight ride of Paul Revere (the apes are coming!), then you certainly did. If you go in expecting a campy, B-grade movie, you shouldn't be too disappointed.

But for now, let's reminisce about the 2001 re-make via the honest hilarity of Screen Junkies!

Image: Youtube