Hey! Wanna See Bieber's Naked Selfie?

It's true, Shia LaBeouf may be the new Justin Bieber, but our beloved Bieber just showed he's the new James Franco after posting a nearly nude selfie. Now, there are probably worse people Bieber could emulate. Like Toronto mayor Rob Ford. (P.S. Happy Canada Day to the Canadians we love to hate!) But Franco's had his share of problems lately with that whole trying to date a minor thing and potentially starting a war with North Korea, so Bieber should probably look elsewhere for a role model.

I do think, though, that Bieber needs a mentor, someone to explain to him that racist jokes are never, ever funny and that drunk driving is one of the worst things you could do. However, I'm not sure Franco is the guy for the job, and frankly, he probably doesn't even want the job. The last time Bieber and Franco were mentioned in the same sentence it was because Franco was (hilariously) mocking his "Boyfriend" music video. Generally people who make fun of you aren't great role models.

Nevertheless, Bieber decided to channel James Franco and post a naked photo online where if the camera dropped just a fraction lower, we would all be subjected to something I strive to never see in my life. If you'll recall, Franco posted a similar image not to long ago.

Although, shortly afterwards, Franco deleted it. So if Bieber has to copy the actor, let's hope he at least follows through and also takes down the almost X-rated pic.

Image: JamesFrancoTV /Instagram; Justin Bieber/Shots