Why Were The Cops Called To Her House?

The Bling Ring movie may have glamorized breaking into celebrity homes, but it's actually super terrifying. Especially for Selena Gomez. Ever since she moved into her Calabasas home, she's had the worst luck. Two months ago, she dealt with a stalker, who repeatedly showed up at her house. Now, TMZ is reporting that on Sunday, Selena Gomez called the police because of a suspected burglar. When she arrived home after midnight, Gomez saw that her backdoor was wide open. That sounds like a start to a horror movie. You know, the one where the call is coming from inside the house? Luckily, when cops rushed over, they didn't find any evidence of forced entry or anyone inside. Who knows what happened. She may have accidentally left the door open, but either way, her concern was totally valid.

Back in June, Gomez's stalker was admitted to a mental health facility for 30 days because of felony stalking. Even before that, she had another trespasser on her property. It seems like police are always at her house. But sometimes she's not the one calling them over. Last month, TMZ reported that the cops were called to break up a huge party at her house. Obviously people wondered if it was Justin Bieber's bad-boy influence, since he's quite the party thrower himself.

Either way, here's hoping everybody gives Gomez the privacy she deserves! She shouldn't have to live in constant fear of people are breaking into her home. No one should. And when the cops show up, it should be because her music is too loud, not because of scary people sneaking around outside.