'Big Brother' Donny Without a Beard Is Pretty Much Unrecognizable — PHOTO

To fans of the sixteenth season of Big Brother , houseguest Donny Thompson is a delightful, mild-mannered Southern fella who says words like "britches" and sounds a little bit like a Zach Galifianakis character come to life. To his fellow houseguest Devin Shepherd, he is a super-intelligent Jason Bourne-like undercover assassin and/or spy who is already playing the house like a fiddle. But, Devin's totally unwarranted paranoia aside, we can probably all agree on one thing: Donny has a hardcore beard that could give the Duck Dynasty guys a run for their reality TV money. (Than again, Devin probably think Donny is hiding a secret alliance in his beard and will fake-cry when he finds out you can't actually fit people in a beard.)

While Donny's beard has already become a part of his persona, Cody and his abs or Jacosta and her various bow ties, it would be interesting to see what the Big Brother cast member would look like without his luscious facial hair, no? Now, it's early in the season so for all we know Donny could easily lose his beloved beard in a competition gone terribly wrong (he better hope there's no pencil sharpeners), but lucky for him — and for us — it hasn't come to that just yet.

The Twitter account for Big Brother Leak has posted a photo of what the 42-year-old groundskeeper looks like sans beard and, as you'd expect, he looks pretty darn different. We never thought we'd say this, but we kind of prefer him looking more like a Duck Dynasty cast member than a Big Brother cast member. See for yourself and decide which Donny you prefer:

Image: CBS