'Pretty Little Liars' Aria & Ezra Are Getting Back Together Because He Totally Gets Her

Nothing says, "I love you," like a good, old game of checkers. For everyone that was worried about Pretty Little Liars Season 5 losing all of the romance in the wake of Alison's return, you can rest easy. Because Ezra and Aria are absolutely getting back together because he's the only one that understands her. During Monday night's "Thrown From the Ride," Aria took to watching Shana's funeral on the Internet over and over again and when her friends didn't give her the advice she was looking for, she turned up at Ezra's door and tried to sleep over. C'mon, girl, you're better than this.

Aria just can't help herself. But if Ezra can do it, he's definitely the one, right? All Aria sees are signs these days — she picked up a copy of The Scarlet Letter that belonged to Shana at school, then she got a chat invitation from someone named "theatregirl," and now she's been watching the video of Shana's funeral and seeing a dead girl rise from her coffin over and over. Basically, Aria's losing it and even though she's asked Emily countless times about what it's like to kill someone and how she can come to terms with the situation, it's not getting any easier. So, PLL brought in the big guns — Ezra Fitz.

Someone has to stop Aria from letting her morbid guilt consume her — it was self defense and she didn't mean to kill Shana, she just meant to get her to stop pointing a gun at her head. Not exactly the act of a stone-cold assassin. Aria turned up at Ezra's door, confessed to being creepy and playing the video of Shana's funeral on repeat, and Ezra basically told her that she needs to forgive herself and move on. And he's not wrong. She's going to go nuts if she keeps this up and it's even more nuts that she wanted to send anonymous cash to Shana's family to pay for the funeral. Ezra also used his moment as grief guru to drum up their break-up and really hit it home that he felt — and still feels — so terrible and that he'd do anything to get Aria back. Perfect timing, my literary friend.

So, they played checkers. And PLL more or less made the return of Ezria a guaranteed storyline in Season 5. I mean, they bonded a little, they played a board game, and then all Aria wanted was to spend the night there — completely forgetting that Ezra broke her heart and caused her to have a nervous breakdown in Season 4. But he got shot, so now it's all good. Ugh.

Image: ABC Family