Lindsay Lohan Sues ‘Grand Theft Auto’ & It’s Part of a Much Longer Trend

Another day, another instance of Lilo taking someone to court. Page Six reports that Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto, specially the makers of the game, Rockstar Games, for copying her persona in a video game character. Yep. It’s happened again. Another lawsuit to add to Lohan's list of people she's sued for sorta, kinda wronging her. Not to be confused with that other list of hers, of course. Lohan reportedly claims that a GTA character named "Lacey Jonas" is heavily inspired by her. Not only does she wear a scram bracelet and take bikini selfies, she stays at the Chateau Marmont frequently, just like Lilo. The primary difference is that what Lacey Jonas doesn't do is sue someone every conceivable chance she gets.

It would appear that Lohan really likes to sue people. In the past, her lawsuits have ranged from “okay, I can see a case” to “serious stretch” to completely "Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.” To refresh your memory, we’ve assembled a list of Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuits ranging from bonkers to totally justified.

The E-Trade Baby Commercial Lawsuit

In 2010, Lohan claimed $100 million in damages from E-Trade for a commercial that she alleged caused her emotional distress. The commercial features babies. Yes, babies. What, you ask, can these babies possibly have to do with Lindsay Lohan? One of those babies is a “milkaholic” named Lindsay. Given that Lohan is naturally the only person on earth who was once a baby names Lindsay, she naturally thought this was referring was her.

Level of Ridic: Totally Buggin'

Honestly, this reaction is beyond overly sensitive. There are adorable talking babies on screen and Lindsay is somehow making it about herself. Even crazier is the outcome. According to TMZ, Lohan settled for an amount out of court that her representatives were “very happy with.” Still, the bizarro levels of this kerfuffle can only be equalled by the following image:

The Pitbull Lawsuit

Lilo sued Pitbull back in 2011 over lyrics in his song “Give Me Everything” that she claimed were defamatory to her character.

Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoein', to keep flown'/ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan

Did you ever hear that rhyme? Yeah, I didn’t hear it either. But Pitbull has the elocution skills of Sean Paul, so maybe it was easy to miss.

Level of Ridic: Take a chill pill

This time, Lindsay isn’t entirely paranoid. Pitbull's definitely talking about her. Still, this is a freedom of speech thing and Lindsay could have a sense of humor about it. In 2013, a NY judge threw out the case, because Pitbull’s "art" is protected under the first amendment. Nobody ever said EDM/rap was supposed to be nice. Plus, the proper way to answer shade is to throw shade right back.

The DNAM Apparel Lawsuit

She sued DNAM, one of the apparel suppliers for her “6126” clothing line for a sum of $1.1 million back in January of 2013. A source close to Lohan explained the situation to E! Online. According to the source:

DNAM continues to sell the brand worldwide even though the license has been revoked due to many breaches including not paying royalties and doing private labels with major retailers on the styles Lindsay designed.

Level of Ridic: Not ridic and totally justified

It would appear that they actually are cheating Lindsay out of significant sums of money. The court system thought so too. The case was resolved in 2014 when Lohan settled for $150 thousand. She finally won a lawsuit, guys! Golf claps for her…

If these previous cases are any indicator of how things may turn out for Lohan in this case, well, we have no idea of what may happen. All we know is that we'll be looking out for the premiere of her own version of The People's Court.

I'm imagining a courtroom that exists exclusively for Lindsay Lohan to play plaintiff to various people she feels have victimized her. Judge Judy would preside, of course, and each episode would begin the bailiff turning to the court and saying, “Who here has ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?” Daytime TV can get no better than that.

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