Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Premiere Is Getting Close, So Here's Every Spoiler We've Seen So Far

It's nothing new for a season to end on a cliffhanger, but when Andy Samberg and Co. took their freshman season bow in late March, they left us with major plot points that will have us going, in Gina's words, emoji face with surprised eyes and open mouth all the way until Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 premieres. The writers left the story with the possibility to go several different ways, and though we still don't know everything we can expect from last season's open-ended story lines, we have some insight can tide us over until September's premiere.

Fox held an Emmy consideration panel for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast and creators this spring, and everyone was pretty tight lipped about new developments, but one thing the network was up front on was the casting news that Dirk Blocker, who plays the clumsy but lovable Hitchcock, and Joel McKinnon Miller, who plays Hitchcock's fellow on-screen klutz Scully, have been upped to series regulars for the second season. Audiences can prepare for more lazy-guy comedy, food jokes, and hopefully some humorous attempts at taking on more physical police roles.

But the real questions came from two of the final scenes of the season with two odd couples of very different kinds. Jake had just been intentionally fired from the precinct to pursue an undercover job with the FBI, and due to concern he wouldn't have a chance to tell her another time, told his partner Amy that he saw her as something more than just his work wife.

In an interview with Hitfix, co-creator Mike Schur admitted that the plot point "just seemed like a good way to throw a wrench into the precinct dynamics for a while." It was well thought out, but don't look too much into its implications. Schur says "we just wanted a situation that would shake things up." In a different interview, the other co-creator Dan Goor hinted at a time gap between when we last saw Jake's confession to Amy and where we pick up in the new season.

This can only mean that things between Gina and Charles, who closed out the season in a hilarious twist by waking up in bed together, will have been sorted out in some way. Goor didn't want to give too much away about this much-anticipated resolution, but he confirms that in the first few episodes, it definitely is addressed, and it's going to make us laugh. He calls the pair an "unlikely couple" and quickly covers up the potential spoiler with "whether they become a couple or not." When Schur was asked about the shocking ending, he said, "We came up with the twist ending of Charles and Gina fairly early on, as a way to complicate everyone's world heading into Season 2." So we can be sure that there's a lot in the works between these two scene-stealing characters.

When asked about the future of her character, Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago) had some thoughts. She's not sure Jake is quite mature enough to balance Amy in a relationship, but she admits her character needs to loosen up a bit. She was in the dark before returning to work on the show earlier this week, but one thing she did confirm was that the two characters have a long way to go together— no matter what form that takes. Her co-star Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta) didn't have too many romantic predictions for his character, but he does hope for Jake to see some "serious action" in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's future. Of course, he understand's it's only the comedy's sophomore season, and those show elements are things you "have to earn."

We might have to wait a few more months for this new favorite to come back, but the team is hard at work, or at least at work to create some laughs for us come September Sundays amidst the normal block of "Animation Domination" on Fox. One spoiler — "Everybody dies!" — was something co-creator Dan Goor happily offered in his pre-Emmy panel interview. At least that's one we can safely assume isn't true.

Image: Fox (4)