He's Jeopardized His Place in the House

by Kadeen Griffiths

If Big Brother 16 's Devin Shepherd is known for anything at this point — besides being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's long lost brother and a former professional baseball player — it's being an untrustworthy little rat. In the premiere episodes alone, he formed not one, but two alliances, and then drew more people into The Bomb Squad alliance without even consulting the other squad members. On the live feeds Wednesday night, all of that backstabbing and dishonesty appears to have finally caught up with Devin, who decided to come clean to the other house guests and, in doing so, placed himself squarely in everyone's bad books.

"I wanted to come here and play the most honest and integral game that has ever been played. Knew I may not make it very far. When I walked through that door on day one, it hit me that the greats hadn't gone through this game without being deceitful..." said Devin, according to the Big Brother Updates Twitter account. "No amount of money is worth compromising my integrity and who I am... I want to make sure that [my daughter] looks at her dad and says 'my dad taught me I didn't have to compromise'."

How did that touching speech just become one more thing for the rest of the house guests to hold against Devin? Well, let's provide some context.

He lied about what Amber said about Caleb.

In one of the many instances of sexism running rampant in the house, Caleb Reynolds has been moping over Amber Borzotra like they've been dating for years and he's Robin Thicke. His feelings toward her remained obsessive even as he switched from liking her to hating her because of comments she made about him that Devin relayed to Caleb. However, Amber revealed to Caleb Wednesday night that her comments had not been made about Caleb at all, but rather about guys in general, and that Devin had made that whole thing up.

He tried to push the blame onto someone else.

Before Amber and Caleb's heart to heart, Devin approached Amber to call her out on saying such negative things about Caleb behind his back. Amber responded by calling Devin out for misinterpreting her words in that way. Since Amber had been having this boy talk with Paola, Devin tried to push the blame onto her for making things a bigger deal than they were, a move which made Cody incensed with him and determined to make sure that Caleb saw Devin for the liar he was.

He made Caleb look like a fool.

At the house meeting, Devin confessed to "forcing" Caleb to put Donny on the chopping block, which didn't sit right with a lot of the house guests. Some thought he was outright confessing to being a manipulative bully while others — Caleb in particular — were offended by the idea that Devin could force Caleb to do anything.

He played the sympathy card.

In light of all that, when Devin left the room to have a good cry, the rest of the house guests seemed to unanimously agree that he had to go. If he was hoping to convince anyone of his good intentions, then he definitely failed with this attempt to turn over a new leaf. Considering how manipulative Devin has been so far, there's no doubt that this is probably just another one of his schemes to come out on top.