Weird Timing on That Engagement, David

by Lia Beck

Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is a pretty freakin' big deal and, it seems, that when you know for sure you want to stick by that person forever you don't let anything stand in your way. Not even the fact that your engagement is very awkwardly timed. David Arquette is engaged to his girlfriend Christina McLarty and the news comes only a week after his ex-wife Courteney Cox announced she was engaged to her boyfriend Johnny McDaid of the band Snow Patrol. While Cox and McDaid both announced their exciting news on Twitter, Arquette's engagement was confirmed to Us Weekly by his rep.

According to a source who spoke with the site, Arquette proposed to McLarty, an entertainment reporter, during dinner at a steakhouse in Malibu, Calif. while accompanied by their 2-month-old son, Charlie West, and Arquette's 10-year-old daughter with Cox, Coco. Another source added that Arquette had been planning the proposal for a while and has "known he wanted to marry Christina for a long time."

That's all well and good, but it's hard to not wonder if Arquette considered the timing at all when deciding to go ahead with the proposal. Obviously, he didn't let Cox's engagement stop him from doing his thing, but he had to have thought about it, right?

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did he go, "Oh man! Courteney's engaged! Shoot! Now I have to wait at least two months. No, that's too even of a number. Two months and five days should do it."

Did Coco come running into his house a week ago and say, "Mom's engaged!" Just as Arquette was taking a look at the ring he only picked up from the jewelers an hour earlier?

Did he think, "It won't matter. Christina will have no idea," before realizing that, "Dammit! She's an entertainment reporter!"

Did he gaze at photos of Cox's engagement ring wondering if he should return the one he purchased for a different shape/size/color?

Did he stare at himself in his bathroom mirror the morning before the proposal wondering if the fact that he and Cox were both ready to get married again at the same time meant they were really meant to be, only to splash water in his face dramatically while mumbling, "Snap out of it, man!"

Even if these thoughts went through Arquette's mind, they clearly didn't matter. Arquette's getting married to McLarty. Cox is getting married to McDaid. And now we just have to wait until they both have weddings within a week of each other next year.