You need to see her before the blue hair

It certainly looks like we will be saying goodbye to the (attempted) all-female alliance leader, Joey Van Pelt Thursday night on Big Brother 16 . The house seems to be unanimous in their decision, especially after Joey kind of lost it this past week, taking on her new persona Alex, in hopes of saving herself. But for me, Alex isn’t how I will remember Joey once she has been evicted. I will remember her best for her awesome blue hair.

When the new season of Big Brother started, you most likely didn’t take notes on who was who. More likely than not, you referred to them as The Rock, Duck Dynasty, Ariana Grande's brother, and the girl with blue hair. So Joey’s blue hair has been a distinct feature of her Big Brother identity this far (all of one whole week) into the game. But, as you probably know from learning Punnett squares in biology class, blue hair is not a gene that is passed on to a newborn through his or her parents' genes — i.e. there was a time when Joey did not have blue hair.

Check out Joey during easier times, before she was rocking the blue hair, and when her Big Brother life wasn’t on the line.

Image: CBS